We could take care of the crew with personalized attention. Our services include managing all the necessary services meantime. We have a dedicated professional staff to handle crew/officer matters by presenting timely services:

  • Crew change by arranging timely sign-on / off.
  • Cash to Master to connect from ship owners to master through our bankers, where we can arrange to place onboard cash safely and timely to safe time, effort
  • Medical assistance to the crew (Embarkation and disembarkation).
  • Forward documents.
  • Bunkers have a good relationship with several bunkering companies in Egypt, enabling us to offer competitive prices.
  • provision supply, which includes all materials needed ships with a competitive price and high quality.
  • Sludge and Garbage Disposal.
  • Offers Garbage & Sludge disposals from the vessels at any Egyptian port. Shipowners or Master need to decide the available quantity onboard for disposal, allowing us to offer the best cost accordingly